Psychotherapy with Chris Peraro, MA

Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen – that stillness becomes a radiance.

~ Morgan Freeman ~

I believe you are here to find your way and thrive. I’m here to support you in growing through your challenges with grace and grit so that you may come to know and trust yourself more deeply. Engaging in this work leads you to discover the fullness of who you are and brings clarity about how you are to contribute it to the world. Get ready to step into the epic narrative that is you unfolding. Your most alive story begins now.

My Approach
homepage-300x200Rooted in a dynamic, personalized, and comprehensive approach, I help you to engage your life’s challenges in meaningful and effective ways so that you are freed up to pursue the life that wants to live in you.
The developmental trajectory of my approach is as follows:
1) Skill-Based support to help manage and move through life’s emotional challenges.
2) Insight and Meaning-Making to engage you in a life of purpose.
3) Behavior change and personal growth so that you become your truest and best self.

Coaching and Counseling

Career Development

Release old stories keeping your career stuck and learn to uncover the dynamism of the dance that you are called to perform.
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Relationship Challenges

With refined skill and an open heart, learn how to bring artful mastery to your relationships in a manner that supports you to lean into rather than away from their vitality.
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Quarter / Midlife Crisis

Reflect on the signs, symbols and symptoms of this key era in your journey, un-earth the life that yearns to live through you.
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Anxiety and Depression

Your symptoms are signposts telling a unique story. Learn both how to manage your symptoms but also see the life that lies underneath them.
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